The Backyard Naturalist has new bird baths!

Bird Baths, Fountains & Statuary

New! Shop safely in our new ‘Bird Bath Annex’.

Good news! If you’d like to see our bird baths, fountains and garden statuary in person, we’ve set up a temporary ‘Bird Bath Annex’ in the house next door to our store. Although our main store is too snug for socially-distanced activity, the Annex has just enough space for 2-3 individuals wearing masks (including a member of The Backyard Naturalist team) to maneuver six feet apart. Just ask us for a tour!

See individual photos of our ceramic pottery birdbaths here

Just in! See our fresh batch of concrete bird baths, fountains and statuary here.

See photos below for other styles in our current selection. Colors and styles may vary.

A bird bath or fountain in your backyard provides one of the three essentials that define a wild bird habitat. Fresh water is critical to every wild bird’s health; for drinking and bathing all year round.

A bird bath also increases opportunities for some great backyard birding. While some birds will never be tempted by the seeds in feeders (like insect and fruit eaters), ALL BIRDS need water!

Choosing a bird bath is also a chance to add an elegant and eye-catching feature to your garden. There are plenty to choose from! The Backyard Naturalist’s bird bath selection includes pedestal, ground or hanging styles in a variety of materials and surface finishes. Choose from concrete, clay pottery, ceramic, plastic or metal.

You’ll want to protect your concrete, pottery or ceramic bird bath from cracks that can result from the stress of our area winter’s repeated freezing and thawing. If you choose to store it over winter, please remember, wild birds need water for drinking and bathing, all year round—especially in winter! A heated bird bath can be the answer, but it’s also easy to winterize and protect your bath by simply adding one of our bird bath de-icers.. Your birds will love it! Your bird bath will be a much-appreciated source of free-flowing water, when all natural sources are frozen over.

Want to hear the tranquil and relaxing sound of a free-flowing fountain? Birds like to hear it, too! The sound of running water is an invitation; announcing your bird bath is ready for guests. In the heat of summer, a fountain or mister offers a cooling respite for everyone!