The Backyard Naturalist sells Droll Yankees Jagunda Large Bird Resistant Bird Seed Feeder.

The Jagunda Squirrel Proof Feeder with Auger Pole

The Backyard Naturalist recommends the Jagunda Squirrel Proof Feeder as easily installed and friendly to arthritic fingers!

The Droll Yankees Jagunda Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder offers a level of quality, design, versatility, and ease of use unlike any other feeder. This signature feeder features a unique squirrel-proof design that will keep squirrels frustrated. The feeder mounts securely to the included 5.5 ft. pole and features a no-tilt ground auger for added security.

The Jagunda bird feeder provides complete squirrel protection when positioned 8 feet away from trees, shrubs and buildings. The 6 lb. capacity seed hopper, adjustable seed port, gravity fed, flow-through seed chamber and giant seed tray are characteristic of Droll Yankees quality and durability. Besides that, a great variety of birds love it!

  • 15 in. cover shelters birds while protecting seed from the weather
  • 18.5 in. feeder tray doubles as a squirrel baffle to prevent squirrels from reaching the seed
  • 6 lb. capacity
  • Mounts easily on the included 5.5 ft. black steel pole
  • No-tilt auger keeps your pole mounted securely in the ground
  • Innovative internal baffle design ensures that the feeder empties completely from the eight feeder ports to prevent seed from collecting and spoiling
  • Built-in seed valve allows you to regulate the flow of seed from the feeder to reduce waste
  • Drainage holes in the tray prevent water from collecting
  • Install a tube feeder above your Jagunda to attract a wider variety of birds or create different feeding zones – threaded feeder mount included
  • Droll Yankees Collet Technology makes cleaning and filling the Jagunda a breeze – simply loosen the Collet fastener and lift the feeder cover for quick and easy access
  • Auger is arthritic hand-friendly

Capacity: 6 lb.
Dimensions: 19″h x 12″w x 19″d
Mounting: Ground installation
Squirrel-Resistant: Yes
Construction: UV-stabilized polycarbonate, metal pole