Habitat: The Backyard Naturalist can help you make your backyard a haven for wild birds. It's three humble elements: food, water, shelter.

Every Backyard Can Be a Haven for Wild Birds


It’s just three humble elements.

food + water + shelter = habitat

Your backyard habitat can be very simple. No matter the scale, each effort helps make a difference for generations of wild birds.

First of all, there are unlimited reasons why you should create a haven for wild birds in your backyard. Here’s just a few:

  • The birds will reward you every day, year round, by visiting your feeder or bath. See these amazing creatures up close and at their best.
  • You are supporting the health and well-being of generations of wild birds.
  • Every backyard habitat matters! It’s one more piece of sanctuary restored. As natural habitation area is lost to development, all our micro-habitats link, backyard by backyard, across our county and our country. Together, we are making a difference..
  • It’s a great family activity and it can be done on any budget. Every effort counts! Even the smallest hands can help make a difference.

Start your backyard micro-habitat today or give the gift of Nature to someone you love! A good first step: establish a bird bath.

To continue learning more about the three elements of a backyard habitat for wild birds, see our resource pages, FOOD, WATER and SHELTER (You can also click on the images below or find in top menu under ‘Resources – Habitat’).

Habitat: The Backyard Naturalist's Guide to Your Backyard Habitat & Food - one of three simple elements.
Habitat: The Backyard Naturalist's Guide to Your Backyard Habitat & WATER - one of three simple elements.
Habitat: The Backyard Naturalist's Guide to Your Backyard Habitat & SHELTER - one of three simple elements.

In summary, our goal is to help you maximize your joy and minimize your effort!

Stop by the store and tell us about your birds, backyard and budget. We’ll show you how to start your backyard haven and support birds and other native pollinators. Ultimately, we’ll be here at every step with practical advice and quality wild bird products. Our advice is always free!

It’s been our Mission for over 30 years. The Backyard Naturalist Team is here to help you.

We started The Backyard Naturalist store in 1989 with a mission: To inspire our community to appreciate and nurture the nature found in all our backyards by providing a sanctuary of food, water and shelter for wild birds.

Ongoing, we’re here to help you with your backyard habitat at every step with free advice and quality birding supplies that fit any budget. Read The Backyard Blog for our latest news.

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Let us know how it’s going!

Post a photo of your backyard bird haven on our Facebook page. Always, stop in or call us if you have questions.

We learn from each other!
Debi and Mike Klein & The Backyard Naturalist Staff

P.S. You can see a photo of our very first backyard habitat here. It’s ok to keep it simple!