Backyard Birding Essentials

Here’s an impromptu gallery of current, or essential backyard birding items for reference. However, you can also buy everything else you usually would when shopping inside our store.

We have product info on many individual items, see our gallery here.  However, much of our inventory is not featured in detail on our website. We’ll do our best to keep the following in-store photos updated, but inventory is likely to change quickly.

The Big Three

These are the three types of seed most popular with our customers, and our birds, too!

Sunflower Chips (No. 1 and No. 2) and Black Oil Sunflower

The Backyard Naturalist wild bird seed blends

See our full food menu here.

On the left, The Backyard Naturalist wild bird seed blends: Fruit, Berry & Nut, Finch Favorite, Just the Meats, Shell Free Medley. (Backyard Medley not pictured)

Other Essentials

Bird Baths

The Backyard Naturalist has a wide variety of bird baths. Styles, colors, materials and sizes of current stock may vary from those pictured.
Styles and colors of bird baths in current stock may vary. The ceramic bird baths pictured above are just a small sample!
See more of our bird baths here.


Hummingbird feeders and nectar. Find out more about feeding Hummingbirds here.
Droll Yankees feeders
Cedar hoppers and Going Green recycled hopper feeders
Squirrel Buster squirrel proof suet and squirrel proof seed feeders

Bird Houses / Nesting Boxes

Wren and Chickadee houses
Wren and Chickadee houses. See more info about our bird houses here.
Gilbertson Bluebird Nestbox with pole and baffle. In background, more Bluebird boxes and Droll Yankees feeders.
More Bluebird nesting boxes. See more about our Bluebird houses here.

For Your Family

The Backyard Naturalist Tranquility soap - large bath bar.

Tranquility Soap

Because we all need it right now. Foaming hand soap and bath bars. See more soap currently in-stock here.

Family Fun

Coloring books for all ages. See more about our coloring books here.
Fun for the whole family! See our BIG selection of jigsaw puzzles here. For younger children, ages 3 and up, see our Games and Puzzles page.
Here’s something fun to do with the kids! Plant flowers to attract native pollinators to your yard. See more details here: Flowers for Birds, Bees and Butterflies.