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Grown Up Coloring Books Are Here!

New at The Backyard Naturalist store: Coloring Books for Grown Ups. Many more in store and on the way!

Stressed out? Re-discover the art of coloring.

After multiple requests for coloring books, we were intrigued. Wow! CNN, Huffington Post, everyone's buzzing about the effects this activity can have on our health and well-being;  Psychologists say it's a relaxation technique as powerful as meditation

( Your Mom knew all this years ago.  Giving the kids a new coloring book was sure to bring her an hour of peace and quiet! )

These are beautifully illustrated books, with varying degrees of complexity to engage both beginners and experts of ALL ages.  We've found some we think you'll love (And have more on the way!) along with crayons and colored pencil sets. 

The Backyard Naturalist has devoted 26 years to helping folks find ways to relax and connect with nature in their own backyards. Along with the joys of backyard birding from a hammock, wind chimes, scented luxury soaps and aromatherapy candles—just to name a few of our all time faves—we are thrilled to add these wonderful coloring books and crayons to our Chill List.