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Fall Migration is Here and
Wild Birds are on the Move!

Fall Migration is an exciting time to be a birder. With so many birds passing through on their journey south, this is one of THE BEST times to catch sightings of different and unusual species in your own backyard.

The good news is Dark-eyed Juncos and White-throated Sparrows are on the way, and they will stay.

HINT: Water is KEY!

Most of these birds aren't seed eaters, but they ALL NEED WATER. Keep an eye on your bird bath as you never know who's going to show up this time of year!!!!

For other ways to help entice migratory birds to the haven of your backyard, we've added a new web page "Backyard Birder's Guide to Fall Migration", a collection of all the best references, links and tips from The Backyard Naturalist.  Look for it on our top navigation menu, under 'RESOURCES'.

To all the Catbirds, Orioles, Hummingbirds, Purple Martins, Swallows and others who have left, or are leaving shortly, we wish you a safe journey and look forward to your return in spring.
We will miss you!

Happy Fall Migration, everyone!