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Wild Bird Seeds & Suets

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Nature Books & Field Guides

Droll Yankees Feeders

Seed Wreaths and Bells

Wild Bird Houses

Flowers for Bees, Birds & Butterflies

Hummingbird Feeders

Hummingbird Food & Accessories

Hummingbird Nesting Helper

Birdie Bell with Nesting Material

Wild Bird Nesting Material Wreath

Squirrel-Proof Feeders

Squirrel-Buster Suet Feeder

The Whipper, Dipper, Flipper & Tipper Squirrel Proof Feeders

Droll Yankees Classic Tube Feeders

Droll Yankees Onyx Clever Clean and Fill Sunflower and Nyjer (Thistle) Feeders

Droll Yankees New Generation Sunflower and Nyjer (Thistle) Feeders

Cedar Hoppers

Going Green Recycled Feeders

Recycled Seed & Suet Block Feeders

Droll Yankees Domed Cage Feeders

Going Green Bluebird Feeder

Caged Mixed Seed Tube Feeder

Window Feeders

Upside Down Thistle Tube Feeder

The Absolute Combo (Pole and Hanger)

Droll Yankees Cutest Chickadee Bird Feeder with Adjustable Dome

Squirrel/Large Bird Resistant Feeders

Heavy Duty Large Capacity Seed Feeder

Suet Feeders

Upside-Down Suet Feeder

Squirrel-Proof Double Suet Cake Feeder

Squirrel Resistant Suet Palace

E-Z Fill Suet Basket

Large Wire Suet Feeder with Roof and Platform

Deluxe Suet Cage with Copper Roof

Rustic Farmhouse Galvanized Suet Feeder

Upside Down Suet Log Feeder

Recycled Double Fruit and Jelly Oriole Feeder

Recycled Oriole Fruit and Jelly Feeders

Going Green Recycled Oriole and Bluebird Feeder

Squirrel-Proof Meal Worm Feeder

Cedar Fruit and Jelly Oriole Feeder

Three Prong Hanging Fruit Feeder

Large Capacity Mixed Seed Feeder

Bluebird Metal Meal Worm Feeder

Poly Double Orange Feeder

Diamond Oriole Feeder

Oriole Metal ‘Orange Slice Roof’ Fruit and Jelly Feeder

Spiral Hanging Metal Oriole Feeder

Recycled Bluebird Mealworm Feeder

The Big Top – Squirrel / Large Bird Resistant Feeder

Screen Feeders

Magnet Mesh Whole Peanut Feeder

Dorothy’s Cardinal Bird Feeder

Recycled Peanut Feeder – The Acorn

X-1 Seed Saver Feeder with Adjustable Dome

Recycled Woodpecker Peanut Feeder

Recycled Bluejay Whole Peanut Feeder

Blue Glass Feeder Dish with Step-In Pole

Brushed Copper Caged Feeder

Droll Yankees Feeder Seed Trays

Squirrel, Raccoon and Snake Baffles

Poles, Deck Arms and Hangers

Gilbertson Bluebird Nest Box

Bluebird Slot Nest Box

Traditional Wooden Bluebird Nesting Boxes

Decorative Bird Houses

Bat Houses

Concrete Bird Baths, Fountains & Statuary

Ceramic Pottery Bird Baths

Hanging Bird Baths

Staked Bird Baths

Drippers, Misters & Wigglers

Squirrel Feeders & Foods

Scented Soaps, Lotions & Candles

Alice’s Cottage Kitchen Textiles

Bee Houses, Books and More

Rock, Mineral and Crystal Specimens

Hand Painted Glass Wild Bird Ornaments

Handmade Wild Bird Ornaments

Gary Starr Carved Bird Collection

2024 Nature Calendars

Greeting Cards & Stationery

Crystal Suncatchers & Rainbow Makers

Semi-Precious Gemstone Hearts

Gemstone Power Bracelets

Inspirational Word Stones

Sunny Seed Drops

Jigsaw Puzzles

Corinthian Bells Wind Chimes

Woodstock Wind Chimes & Bells

Wind Spinners & Whirligigs

India Arts Bell Chimes

Seaglass & Driftwood Wind Chimes

Flags, Door Mats & Mail Box Covers

Toads of Toad Hollow

Stocky Kritter Key Hiders

Adajio & Sienna Sky Earrings

Semi-Precious Stone Bangles

Nepal Angel Bracelets

Pottery Earring Vases

Maryland Crab Decals, Flags, Hats & More

Yardbirds, Junkyard Dogs & Cats

Garden Plaques

Life-Size Metal Bird Statuary

Eartha Ceramic Tiles

Stoneware Tiles by Sligo Creek Tile Co.

Scrigit Scraper: Handy Cleaning Tool

Mini Zen Gardens

For Kids!

Mini Building Blocks Sets

For Junior Birders

Plush Toys & Puppets

Earth Science Projects & Kits


Nature Activities & Kits

Nature Games & Puzzles

Little Handmade Pottery Dishes

Finger Puppet Books

Kids’ Outdoor Adventure Set

Nature Books for Children

Coloring Books for All Ages


Heated Bird Baths and De-Icers