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Wild Bird Seeds & Suets

For Kids!

Concrete Bird Baths, Fountains & Statuary

Flags, Doormats & Mailbox Covers

Wind Spinners & Whirligigs

Ceramic Pottery Bird Baths

Face Masks – Children and Adult Sizes

Nature Books & Field Guides

Wild Bird Houses

Bird Baths, Fountains & Statuary

Window Feeders

Favorite Hummingbird Feeders

Droll Yankees Feeders

Squirrel-Proof Feeders

Cedar Hoppers

Going Green Recycled Feeders

Suet Feeders

Squirrel/Large Bird Resistant Feeders

Squirrel-Proof Suet Feeder

Scented Soaps, Lotions & Candles

Gilbertson Bluebird Nest Box

Bluebird Slot Nest Box

Hand Painted Wild Bird Houses

Bluebird Nesting Box

Nature Games & Puzzles

Jigsaw Puzzles


Stoneware Hanging Bird Bath

Earth Science Projects & Kits

Nature Activities & Kits

For Junior Birders

Bee Houses, Books and More

Finger Puppet Books

Kids’ Outdoor Adventure Set

Adajio & Sienna Sky Earrings

Squirrel Feeders & Foods

Crystal Suncatchers & Rainbow Makers

Hummingbird Nesting Helper

Birdie Bell with Nesting Material

Maryland Crab Decals, Flags, Hats & More

Plush Toys & Puppets

Flowers for Bees, Birds & Butterflies


Rock, Mineral and Crystal Specimens

Bat Houses

Coloring Books for All Ages

Little Handmade Pottery Dishes

Scrigit Scraper: Handy Cleaning Tool

Stoneware Tiles by Sligo Creek Tile Co.

Woodstock Wind Chimes & Bells

Laurel Burch Handbags & Totes

Alice’s Cottage Kitchen Textiles

Greeting Cards & Stationery

Semi-Precious Gemstone Hearts

Gemstone Power Bracelets

Eartha Ceramic Tiles

Inspirational Word Stones

Sunny Seed Drops

Mini Zen Gardens

Wild Bird Nesting Material Wreath

Semi-Precious Stone Bangles

Pottery Earring Vases

Nepal Angel Bracelets

Art Poles, Bird Baths & Pet Memorials

Handcrafted Pewter Inspiration Coins

Gary Starr Carved Bird Collection

Handmade Wild Bird Ornaments

Hand Painted Glass Wild Bird Ornaments

Heated Bird Baths & De-Icers

India Arts Bell Chimes

Seaglass & Driftwood Wind Chimes

Corinthian Bells Wind Chimes