The Backyard Naturalist has outdoor garden plaques back in stock! After slate became impossible to source, the artists now put their designs on durable aluminum, protected with a UV-resistant clear coat. Designs vary, but this welcomes you with a Ruby-throated Hummingbird!

Garden Plaques

Garden plaques are back! As beautiful as ever, but also with a big upgrade!

After quality slate became difficult to source, the artists sought a new surface for their work. Keeping in mind that over time their work on slate would begin to fade or peel, they also wanted a medium that would hold up well in rain and direct sunlight for many years.

Their creative solution? Laminated, outdoor aluminum plaques protected by a UV-resistant clear coat!

Another huge bonus: without the need to constantly source materials, they’ll also create more garden plaques and designs! We look forward to seeing each one! Come see for yourself, but here’s a sample (availability may vary from the plaques pictured here):

The Backyard Naturalist has hand made wrought iron poles to hold your garden plaque.

Wrought Iron Holders! “Lollypop” Style and “Gate” Style.