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Mosquitoes Do Not Breed in a Well-Maintained Bird Bath

Worried about mosquitoes breeding in your bird bath? Don’t be! In our new resource page ‘Mosquitoes, Bird Baths and Your Backyard‘, we explain why a well-maintained bird bath won’t breed mosquitoes and where mosquitoes are more likely to breed in your yard.

Mosquitoes Dislike Well-maintained Bird Baths

When we say ‘well-maintained’, it’s simply the following:

  1. Make sure the water is fresh and keep it topped up. In the summer, you will likely need to do this daily — especially if your bird bath is popular with enthusiastic bathers!
  2. Keep your bird bath clean. Rinse and refresh often, usually daily, in the summer. Don’t wait until the water gets icky! If you see the water is discolored or there is algae, scrub your bird bath with baking soda, lemon juice or white vinegar and then rinse well. Never add chemicals to the water!
  3. Add motion to the water in your bird bath, if you are still worried about mosquitoes. The action created by a water wiggler, mister or fountain will drown mosquito larvae. Another benefit? The splashing sounds can help attract more birds to your bird bath, too.

Your Clean and Filled Bird Bath Attracts Birds

A well-maintained bird bath, becomes a critical and dependable water resource and can help attract species of birds who aren’t seed-eaters to visit your backyard. This adds another dimension to your backyard habitat. You may see insect-eaters like Baltimore Orioles, Eastern Bluebirds, American Robins, Thrushes, etc…

A Popular Bird Bath is Fun to Watch

Your backyard bird bath is a haven for wild birds during summer heat and offers a wonderful opportunity for you and your family to observe their bathing antics up close. Don’t let the worry about mosquitoes in your bird bath keep you from enjoying the fun.

Where are mosquitoes breeding?

However, if mosquitoes are abundant and keeping you from enjoying your backyard this summer, it is worth your time to do some detective work around your property. Find mosquito habitats and eradicate them. See our mosquito resource page for more info about the kinds of places mosquitoes seek to breed.

How to Avoid Mosquito Bites

Eliminating mosquito habitats will help, but you will still need to protect yourself and your family from mosquito bites this summer. The Backyard Naturalist has found kid-safe, organic insect repellent that doesn’t require being sprayed head-to-toe with DEET!

Wearable Mosquito Repellent

Get each member of the family a wearable natural mosquito repellent band, clip or stickers to place on clothing that provide active individuals a radius of protection. They are economical, too. Remove, seal in a ziplock bag and reuse.

Backyard Mosquito Repellent

The Backyard Naturalist also recommends GloBrite Mosquito Sticks if you need to repel mosquitoes for your patio or other area in your backyard. The sticks are made from Australian Sandalwood, burn like incense and are safe around children, pets and food. Perfect for outdoor entertaining!

Have fun in your backyard this summer, without worrying about mosquitoes! The antics of splashing birds in your bird bath are going to give you hours of joy. Happy Birding!