Keeping squirrels out of your feeder is frustrating. Start ahead of the game with a Squirrel-Proof Feeder. They do exist!

Squirrel-Proof Feeders

How do you squirrel-proof a bird feeder?

There is nothing more frustrating for backyard birders, than to see a hungry squirrel constantly hoovering out all the food in feeders. Fortunately, there are Squirrel-Proof Feeders that can make this problem simple to solve!

Yes, there are accessories you can add, like baffles, but investing in a well-designed squirrel-busting feeder is the easiest way to stop squirrels from taking over.

Which feeder is best for keeping squirrels out?

The Backyard Naturalist has definite favorite feeder designs and we’re happy to make recommendations. See a list of some of them below. Or, stop by our store and tell us what the clever squirrels are up to in your backyard. We can help you find the right feeder for you and your birds——one that will also deny your resident squirrels.

The Backyard Naturalist has (always free!) advice for you, including:

Squirrel-proof Feeders We Recommend

To be specific, for the best squirrel-proofing, our favorite, go-to recommendations are from the Brome Bird Care Squirrel-Buster series and The Droll Yankees’ family of Squirrel-Proof Feeders.

Brome Bird Care Squirrel-Busters

Check out the newest addition to the Brome Care Squirrel-Buster family: The first, truly, squirrel-proof suet feeder! See it action for yourself — in an entertaining video on our featured ‘Squirrel-proof Suet Feeder’ page.

Droll Yankees’ Squirrel-Proof Feeders in action: Flipper, Tipper, Dipper and Whipper.

The Backyard Naturalist has the Washington Metro area’s best selection of Droll Yankees feeders. We’re Maryland’s first and only store to be awarded Droll Yankees’ Five Feather Platinum Premier dealer status.