The Backyard Naturalist can help you figure out how to foil those squirrels from cleaning out your bird feeders!

Squirrel, Raccoon and Snake Baffles

Worlds Greatest Squirrel Baffles™” are made in Chicago. Powder-coated, durable and effective.

Baffles pay for themselves quickly in seed savings.

There are baffling options for hanging feeders (disk baffles), pole mounted feeders (wraparound cones, disks and cylinder baffles) and for feeders mounted on 4″x 4″posts (wraparound, break-apart disk baffles).

Not sure which option is best for your feeders? Ask us! The Backyard Naturalist Team is always glad to help.

Cylinders – Our Bestseller

The Backyard Naturalist stocks Squirrel and Raccoon Baffles for Pole Feeders.

A cylinder baffle in place on a pole mounted feeder is featured at the top of the page. Along with one soon-to-be-very-frustrated squirrel.

Left: Cylindrical squirrel baffle with a dome top and a scalloped edge bottom, for poles 1/2′ to 1-3/4″ diameter. 16-3/4″ long, 6-1/4″ in diameter. Includes Collar with 4 screws which will allow mounting of the baffle on either round poles or square material shepherd staffs.

Right: Cylindrical Erva raccoon baffle with a dome top and a patented scalloped edge bottom, for poles 1/2″ to 1-3/4″ diameter. 28″ long, 6-1/4″ in diameter.


The Backyard Naturalist stocks Erva's Disk Baffles for preventing Squirrels and Raccoons from eating all your seed!

Durable! All Erva squirrel baffles are made with fully galvanized steel sheet, sourced excess from the auto industry in Detroit. This is the same galvanized steel used under the painted finish of new cars!

Bird droppings are corrosive, but the baked on, highly corrosion resistant coating will maintain its good appearance for years. Simply hose off the baffle occasionally and it will look like new!

All are 21″ in diameter.

  • Green, Hanging disk squirrel baffle.
  • Tan, Wraparound break-apart squirrel baffle for a standard 4×4 post (3-5/8″ x 3-5/8″). 22-1/2″ in diameter. Baked on, highly corrosion resistant coating that will maintain its good appearance for years. Simply hose off the baffle occasionally and it will look like new!
  • Black, Pole mount Wraparound break-apart squirrel baffle for poles 1/2″ to 1″ in diameter. 22-1/2″ in diameter.

Cones – Most Popular and Effective Snake Baffle for Bluebird House Poles

The Backyard Naturalist stocks The World's Greatest Squirrel Baffles" cones, disks and cylinder styles.

Fully galvanized cones withstand the corrosive effects of bird droppings. Will look good for years with an occasional rinse from your garden hose. All mounting hardware and instructions are included. Made in America.

Hanging Domes

Droll Yankees’ SQG Squirrel & Weather Guard

The Backyard Naturalist stoThe Backyard Naturalist stocks Droll Yankees Squirrel GuardHanging Dome Squirrel Baffle

Hung properly, this height-adjustable baffle works well over small feeders and tube feeders. UV-stabilized polycarbonate won’t yellow with age.

The Mandarin (Witches Hat) Baffle

The Backyard Naturalist stocks Arundale's Mandarin Hanging Dome Squirrel Baffle

Easy to hang, hardware included. Protects hanging feeders and houses. 17 in clear dome never blocks view. Shelters feeder from rain and snow. 100% recycled Plexiglas construction.

Other Options

You can find our recommendations for Squirrel Resistant and Squirrel-proof Feeders here. We are happy to help you find the right one for you, your birds and your neighborhood squirrels!