Safe, No-Contact Parking Lot Pickups

How to place your order

Please fill in and submit the order form below. We will then phone you to confirm details and get payment info.

Please do not include your credit card number!
For your security, our team member will take that over the phone while finalizing your order.

If you’re not sure of item specifics, just use your best guess! We’ll be glad to answer any questions over the phone while we confirm your order. For more info, see FAQs: Orders and Pickups section following the order form.

Tell us which items you would like to order. We'll help fill in any specifics (like size or quantity) when we call to confirm your order.
Do you have a message or question for The Backyard Naturalist Team? Let us know!

Thank you for supporting your backyard birds and shopping at The Backyard Naturalist. See you soon!

FAQs: Orders and Pickups

Confirming and finalizing your order

We will telephone you to confirm your order the next business day we are open, starting at 11:30am.

During that call, we will:

  • Double-check the Items in your order.
  • Answer any questions you have.
  • Give you pricing.
  • Take your Visa/Mastercard info.
  • Schedule pickup window.

If we haven’t called you before the end of business day, call us! And, if you’d prefer to order by phone, call us during our business hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday from 12-5pm at 301-924-0024.

Pickups—So easy!

Our current hours are: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays between 12:00 and 5:00PM.

  1. Park behind our store and just open the trunk.
  2. Stay in your car and honk the horn. (No need to call. We’ll see you!)
  3. We load your order (with the receipt taped to it) into your car.

Safe, No-contact Parking Lot Pickups

Our staff maintains recommended CDC preventative sanitation at the shop. We wear masks, obsessively sanitize our hands and social distance while by your car. These are no-contact pickups to minimize risk for us all.

Shop safely in our Annex next door.

Although our main store is too snug for socially-distanced activity, the Annex has just enough space for 2-3 individuals wearing masks (including a member of The Backyard Naturalist team) to maneuver six feet apart. Just ask us for a tour!

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You can add anything you’d normally buy in our store with your pick up order. Just ask. In-stock items may vary from those pictured on our website.

Thank you for supporting your backyard birds (and our continuing efforts)!

Debi, Mike and Staff of The Backyard Naturalist