The Backyard Naturalist's Most Often Recommended Hummingbird Feeder: The Hummzinger Highview.

Hummingbird Feeders, Food & Accessories

Our Recommended Hummingbird Feeders

We have definite preferences when we recommend Hummingbird feeders. Come by the store, we’ll show you our favorites and what you need to help attract Hummingbirds to your backyard; Feeders, poles and other accessories, Hummingbird nectar and more!

Droll Yankees Little Flyer and The Hummzinger Series are The Backyard Naturalist’s favorite, most often recommended and most popular Hummingbird feeders. The Hummzinger series includes the following styles: The Highview (featured above) The Highview Mini, The Hummzinger Fancy, The Little Fancy, The HummBlossom and The JewelBox Window Hummingbird feeder (the only window Hummingbird feeder with a built-in ant moat).

Why We Recommend These Hummingbird Feeders

What’s great about the Droll Yankees Little Flyer:
The Backyard Naturalist recommends Droll Yankees Little Flyer Hummingbird Feeder because of quality design and materials.

  • Four Ports and Perches. Perches allow Hummingbirds to rest as they drink. This means they stay longer, and gives us amateur photographers a chance…
  • Super easy to fill and clean. Simply remove the brass rod and lift off the cap.
  • Built-in Ant Moat keeps ants from reaching the nectar (keep filled with water).
  • Hang or Pole-Mount. Comes with brass hanger. Pole and adapter thread sold separately.
  • Nectar Guard. Not included, but we recommend adding it to keep bees out!
  • Design and Quality. UV-stabilized, unbreakable polycarbonate won’t yellow with age.
  • Hummingbirds LOVE THEM!!!

What’s great about the Hummzinger Series:

  • Fast & Easy to Clean The bright red cover attracts Hummingbirds from a distance and is easily removed so the bowl can be cleaned quickly and thoroughly.
  • The Perch!
  • Insect Resistance. The design helps keep out flying and crawling insects. Built-in ant moats keeps ants OUT of your nectar. Aspect’s Nectar Guard Tips slip on easily and create a barrier flying insects can’t penetrate! A very useful add-on accessory!
  • Quality. Constructed of unbreakable polycarbonate.
  • Hummingbirds LOVE THEM!!!


Other Favorite Hummingbird Products

Ant Moats

The Hummingbird Swing


While Hummingbirds are waiting their turn at the feeder, give them a strategic place to perch:
The Hummingbird Swing! We were skeptical… but, Hummingbirds really do use it!!!

Hummingbird Nesting Material

Hummingbird takes nesting material from Hummer Helper cage at The Backyard Naturalist.

When their preferred soft lichen is scarce or unavailable, help your Hummingbirds line their tiny nests by providing nesting material approved by The Hummingbird Society.

Grow Flowers That Attract Hummingbirds

The Backyard Naturalist Butterfly Flower Garden Seeds for Eastern States. Organic seeds from Botanical Interests to attract bees, butterflies, hummingbirds and other wild birds to your backyard.

Take your Hummingbird hosting to the next level by planting flowers that attract Hummingbirds. We recommend the Hummingbird Haven seed blend for its variety of annual, biennials and perennials.

Learn More About Attracting Hummingbirds

Want to know more about Hummingbirds and find a recipe for Making Your Own Hummingbird Nectar? See our Hummingbird resource page for tips for Feeding Hummingbirds and attracting them to your backyard.