The Backyard Naturalist will help you find the anatomically correct bird house for your backyard birds and where to place it in your habitat.

Shelter: One of Three Simple Elements that Make Your Backyard a Bird Habitat

Food + Water + Shelter = Habitat


Secure nesting and refuge from predators, mowers and pesticides

For shelter and secure nesting, wild birds seek the best possible version of their natural habitat. Some will adapt for the right bird house, others will enjoy native trees, or plants and brush piles in your habitat.

Choose the right house and emulate nature.

The Backyard Naturalist's Guide to Backyard Habitats & SHELTER - one of three simple elements.

Start with a bird house! It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it needs to be the right bird house for your birds.
( Hint: Hole size matters! Seriously. Ask us.)

How do you know if you have the right bird house for the birds you’re seeing in your yard? For a start, be sure the house structure is appropriate for the species, or “anatomically correct”.

Read our guidelines below, or just stop by the store and tell us about the birds you’re seeing in your backyard. We can help you find the right house and recommend the best place for it in your habitat.

The Backyard Naturalist’s Guide to Bird Houses and Recommended Resources

Part I
How to Choose the Right Bird House

  • From design and construction to species specifics, The Backyard Naturalist has some simple guidelines for buying a bird house.

Part II
How to Place & Maintain Bird Houses

  • General tips about maintaining bird houses and where to place bird houses in your backyard for increased opportunities to host nesting birds.

Part III
Protect Your Bird Houses from English House Sparrows

  • A short list of both active and passive strategies in managing House Sparrows, with resource links to more extensive information.

Reasons to Start Your Habitat Today!

Support your backyard birds and, in return, they will bring you joy each day of the year!!!

2018 is officially designated ‘Year of the Bird’! See our resource page:
Why Birds Matter

Even the smallest, most humble habitat contributes to the health and well-being of wild birds.
Why Feed Wild Birds? It Makes a World of Difference

Your Backyard Habitat Can Be a Haven for Generations of Wild Birds

We’re Here to Help!

We are more than happy to answer questions and give our best advice. That’s why we started The Backyard Naturalist store almost 30 years ago. Our mission:

To inspire our community to appreciate and nurture the nature found in all our backyards by providing a sanctuary of food, water and shelter for wild birds.

We’re here to help you with your habitat at every step with free advice and quality products that fit any budget.

Let us know how it’s going!

Post a photo of your habitat on The Backyard Naturalist’s Facebook page. Always, stop in or call us if you have questions. We learn from each other!