The Backyard Naturalist recommends an Upside Down feeder to support Goldfinches while denying Sparrows access.

Upside Down Thistle Tube Feeder

These thistle (nyjer) tube feeders are specially designed for supporting species that have adapted to feeding upside down, especially American Goldfinches. The design denies access to other birds, like the pesky and abundant House Sparrow.

Fill with 1 ¼ lbs of thistle (nyjer) and enjoy watching these acrobatic birds in action!

Six perches and feeding ports, with a durable and attractive ‘pearl’ finished metal top and bottom that make this tube feeder easy to fill and clean.

  • Goldfinches will feed upside-down, but House Finches won’t!
  • Small ports dispense thistle seeds economically – birds pull out seeds individually like feeding from a flower.
  • Cap is designed to discourage squirrels and raccoons from accessing seed, but allow for easy refilling and cleaning.
  • Metal cap and base are powder-coated in a pearly finish.
  • UV-stabilized polycarbonate tube won’t yellow with age.
  • Can be hung or pole-mounted.

Capacity: 1 1/4 lb.

Dimensions: 17″h x 5.5″w x 5.5″d
Mounting: Hang or pole mount
Squirrel-Resistant: No
Construction: UV-stabilized polycarbonate and powder coated steel