The Backyard Naturalist Kid Corner has nature-themed project kits, games, puzzles, books, toys and more for kids

For Kids!

See our Nature Books for Children page here, to find a range of books to suit interests at every age.
Recommendations for Junior Birders
Kids’ Outdoor Adventure Set

Games and Puzzles

Grow a Garden Matching Game
Gather Garden Matching Game
Animal Quest Game with Inflatable Globe
What Do You Know Bingo
Bird Bingo
Life on Earth Simple Bingo
Pictorial Dominoes
What Bird Am I? The Bird Identification Game
Match a Leaf
Match a Pair of Birds
Cats & Kittens
Dogs & Puppies
Bird Bingo
Towering Tree Puzzle
Little Bluebird’s Matching Game
Birds of North America trivia card game
Reptiles and Amphibians trivia card game
Wildlife of North America trivia card game
Board puzzles

Earth Science Projects and Kits

Gem Excavation Kit
Glow Stars
Rocks of the U.S. science kit
Rock Science Kit
Amazing Rocks – Hands-on Science
Magic Crystal – crystal growing
Black Light – flashlight
The Light Crystal  – Tedco, get info
Kite kits
Make a Wind Chime

Nature-themed Activities and Craft Kits

Build or Make Something! Crafts Projects for Children

Eco-Friendly Birdfeeder Kit
Wren House Kit
Feeder Kits
Build a Bird Buffet – feeder kits
Make Your Own Llama Doll
Pressed Flower Art
Paint-A-Pot flower pot kit
Crepe Paper Butterflies and Flowers craft kit
Design Your Own Fairy Garden
Friendship Bracelets kit
Make a Garden Stepping Stone kit
Kids Garden Tote Kit

Nature-themed Activities

Temporary Tattoos : Flowers, Big Butterflies
Stickers and Coloring Books
Nature Journal
Bird Log for Kids
Ultimate Sticker Book of North American Birds
Binoculars – Recommendations for Junior Birders
Butterfly Garden
Life Cycle Stages, Figurines: Honey Bee, Frog, Butterfly, Ladybug
Lots of Ladybugs
Grow Fox, Grow Owl, Grow Sloth, Grow Unicorn
Grow Enormous – Bald Eagle
Dissect Owl Puke
Bug Book/Bug Bottle kit
Critter Case

Nature-themed Toys, Puppets and Others

Big Bunch-O Butterflies
Dinosaurs – replicas, action figures?
Suprizamals – Mama and Baby
Unicorn Lip Gloss – Because who doesn’t need a little touch of unicorn magic?
Puppies & Kitties miniatures
Baby Animals Book and Finger Puppet (Series)

Plush Toys and Puppets
Audubon Singing Birds
Folkmanis Puppets