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Kids’ Outdoor Adventure Set

This outdoor adventure set for kids has everything they need for great adventures outdoors! Perfect for backpacking, hiking, biking, camping, and all forms of exploration.The set includes:

  • The Hawk Binocular A compact 30mm Kids Field Binocular The 5x30mm Hawk is a compact binocular with fully coated prisms and lenses for crisp, bright images. Focusing is an easy one step process using the common center focus knob. Generous eye relief and roll-down eye cups make viewing easier for those who wear corrective lenses. The Hawk is extremely portable and lightweight, fitting easily into a coat pocket or backpack.
  • The Pocket Flashlight Uses two AA batteries (not included) and fits into a handy strap on the carry-all case.

  • The Locator Engineer’s Compass A Lensatic Compass with true hand-bearing triangulation capabilities. The Locator is a self-contained engineer’s pocket compass capable of providing precise handheld bearings to selected objects. It utilizes a lensatic magnifier and sighting hairline to ensure bearing accuracy. In addition, an adjustable marching line is provided as an aid to maintaining direction in darkness, fog or through rough terrain.
  • The Signal Whistle A combination signal whistle thermometer. Comes with two built-in temperature scales. One measures the temperature in Celsius. The other measures the temperature in Fahrenheit.

The set comes with a soft, carry-all pouch case and strap designed to securely hold the Hawk binocular, Locator Compass, Signal Whistle, and Pocket Flashlight. Has a belt loop for hands-free carrying.

For children 7 years and up.
10 x 8.5 x 2 inches, weighs 20 ounces

Note: We also carry The Hawk Binocular as a stand-alone purchase.