The Backyard Naturalist kit has everything you need to build and paint your own bird feeder.

Nature Activities & Kits

Discover the wonders of nature with nature-themed activities, science projects and kits from The Backyard Naturalist!

Here are just a few ideas (find detailed info below) to encourage and inspire a budding naturalist:

Garden Tools with Tote Set – Scaled smaller for Kids!

A canvas gardening tote with sturdy metal garden tools. Sized for small hands, but also durable enough to be used by adults.

The Backyard Naturalist's Garden Tools and Tote Set, sized for childrens' hands.Set comes with a quality canvas bag to tote around sturdy metal garden hand tools with wood handles: a trowel, rake and shovel.
Perfect for window box gardening, re-potting house plants or projects where space is limited. Machine washable canvas bag is decorated with a cheerful frog and ladybug and has seven deep pockets.
For ages 5 and up

Live Butterfly Garden

Witness the magic of caterpillar metamorphosis with a unique hands-on live butterfly experience!

The Backyard Naturalist invites you to witness the magic of caterpillar metamorphosis with a unique hands-on live butterfly experience

The Live Butterfly Garden Kit includes:

  • Reusable, collapsible screen habitat with waterproof PVC fabric shell.
  • Feeder and complete instructions.
  • Mail-in coupon for 5 caterpillars and food. ($5.00 fee for processing)

Owl Puke Dissection Kit

What was once an owl’s feast is now a world of discovery! With each totally sanitized pellet, a child can reconstruct real skeletons.

The Backyard Naturalist has Owl Puke! Dissect a sanitized pellet to reconstruct the Owl's meal... reassemble a real skeleton! Includes instructions, magnifying glass and a magnificent pellet of Owl puke!Each kit comes with two real pellets (totally sanitized!), magnifying glass, wood dissection stick and a work mat with bone sorting chart.

Reconstruct real skeletons from a sanitized pellet that contains virtually everything the owl ate the night before.

What do owls eat? Small animals, like mice, shrews, moles…here’s a chance to find out for yourself! It’s a little bit eughhh!, but totally fascinating and a whole lot of fun! Recommended for ages 8 and up.

Critter Case

Safely observe up close and learn about the insects you catch (and later release where you found them!).

The Backyard Naturalist's Critter Case for learning about insects by viewing them up close.
This colorful insect viewer has sturdy plastic construction with fabric mesh sides. It has an easy-open hatch for depositing and removing plants, branches and insect guests. The case’s flat base makes it great for table-top viewing, and also prevents it from being easily knocked over and emptying its inhabitants!
Size: 7.5″ x 5.5″ x 8.5″
Ages 5 and up


Build a Wren House Kit

Build your own Wren house and host a Wren or even a Chickadee or Titmouse family in the Spring!

  • Comes with easy assembly instructions.
  • Metal hanging cable.

Build & Paint Your Own Wild Bird Feeders & Houses

Build and paint your own bird feeder or bird house using the included pre-cut wood pieces, nails, glue and hanging hardware.

Comes with 4 paint pots and paintbrush.

The Backyard Naturalist kits have everything you need to build and paint your own bird feeder.

The Backyard Naturalist kits has everything you need to build and paint your own bird feeder or houses.