The Backyard Naturalist has many options for fruit feeders. This one is super easy! Just place grapes or oranges on the prongs, hang it up and let your Orioles, Robins, Catbirds and more, enjoy a treat.

Three Prong Hanging Fruit Feeder

Three Prong Hanging Fruit Feeder

A beautifully simple fruit feeder for Orioles, Robins, Cardinals, Catbirds, Mockingbirds… It doesn’t get any easier than this: Drape some grapes or prong some orange halves (can even use corn ears!) and hang. Three prongs and a half hook for hanging. Heavy duty but not heavy to lift and hang! Powder coated black and made in the USA.

Capacity: See images below to approximate.
Weight: .6 lbs.
Food Type: Fruit
Construction: Powder coated metal
Mount: Hanging

The Backyard Naturalist says this is as simple as it gets! Three Prong Hanging Metal Fruit Feeder for Orioles, Robins, Catbirds and other fruit lovers.

As simple as it gets!