Wild Bird Houses

Bird Houses are one of the ingredients of a successful, well rounded habitat. But, not all houses protect baby birds equally. Good bird houses provide nesting opportunities during the spring and summer, as well as shelter in the winter. The Backyard Naturalist selects bird houses that are both functional (species appropriate) and fun (nice to look at and easy to maintain). If you want to know more about biologically correct bird houses, see The Backyard Naturalist’s guidelines for how to buy the right bird house.

We’ve done the research for you and found a great selection of bird houses for all tastes – yours and your feathered friends! Our selection may vary due to availability and demand, but our advice is always the same! Stop by the store and we can help you find just the right bird house for your backyard.
Here are just a few of the styles currently in store:

If you’re looking for a whimsical, yet very practical and durable, handmade bird house, see our Hand Painted Bird houses here.

Shopping for an Eastern Bluebird house? See our recommendations for Eastern Bluebird nest boxes here.

Need Help Choosing a Bird House?

See The Backyard Naturalist’s Guide to Wild Bird Houses and Recommended Resources for more detailed information.
Part I
How to Choose the Right Bird House

  • From design and construction to species specifics, The Backyard Naturalist has some simple guidelines for buying a bird house.

Part II
How to Place & Maintain Bird Houses

  • General tips about maintaining bird houses and where to place bird houses in your backyard for increased opportunities to host nesting birds.

Part III
Protecting Bird Houses from House Sparrows

  • A short list of both active and passive strategies in managing House Sparrows, with resource links to more extensive information.