The Backyard Naturalist has Toad Hollow's garden statuary Toads, with whimsical glass eyes!

Toads of Toad Hollow

Toads of Toad Hollow are individual characters with personality. To begin with, no two are alike! Each Toad has detailed sculpting and beautiful hand painted finishes, but it’s the whimsical glass eyes that bring these polyresin/fiberglass statues to life. Their eyes look almost real and seem to follow you around your garden while you work; making them more like real garden companions and not just statuary.

Toads of Toad Hollow may start as conversation pieces for your yard, but it’s not hard to imagine having a conversation with them!

After instantly bonding with your new garden friends, rest assured they’ll be around for a long time. Toad Hollow uses a weather-resistant polyresin and fiberglass mix to form durable — solid, not hollow — garden statuary.

While the Toads are protected from normal weathering by the original UV-rated finish, we recommend spraying on a fresh UV protectant topcoat annually to preserve their appearance from fading. Especially if your Toad Hollow garden buddy is continually exposed to strong direct sunlight or extreme cold. We stock Sunguard UV Protectant for this purpose, just ask!

  • Made from SOLID durable and stable polyresin and fiberglass mix
  • Hand painted with UV-rated paints and finish
  • Whimsical glass eyes that seem almost real
  • Individual personality!

The Dreamer – 7″ Large, 5″ Medium
Toads – 7″ Large, 5″ Medium
The Bird Watcher – 5.5″