The Backyard Naturalist has Concrete Bird Baths, Fountains and Garden Statuary for your backyard.

Concrete Bird Baths, Fountains & Statuary

Concrete bird baths, fountains and statuary in a wide variety of styles. Created and finished by hand in the USA.

Stock moves quickly so availability may vary from the baths pictured below. Also, because these baths and fountains are hand cast and painted, there may be variations in color or finish than the individuals featured on our website. Come see!

New Bath and Statuary Designs are Here!

Concrete Bird Baths

As each piece has been hand-crafted, colors and textures may vary from the photos below.

Host your birds with style and provide water for drinking and bathing all year round! Ask us about protecting your bath from winter freezing.

Concrete Bird Bath Fountains

Ready to plug in and fill! Pumps are included, so all you’ll need is an outdoor extension cord (not included).

Concrete Garden Statuary

Because our concrete statuary is cast and painted by hand, there will also be some variation in color or finish than those pictured below. But one thing we can definitely guarantee: Each one has personality! Come see for yourself!

Who’s here now?

Add some unexpected whimsy to your garden with a concrete Dragon! (Cheers to our Olney Elementary School Dragons!) Rabbits, turtles, cats and dogs, too. How about a family of rabbits? (Mama rabbits and baby rabbits are sold separately.)

Our current stock of statues may vary as they move more quickly than we can update here.

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