The Backyard Naturalist knows what Woodpeckers and Jays are looking for: Peanuts! The Acorn shaped feeder holds splits peanuts.

Recycled Peanut Feeder – The Acorn

Recycled Peanut Feeder- “The Acorn”

Constructed from 5/8″ Poly-lumber made from recycled plastic and milk jugs. Durable and weather resistant! Stainless steel screws and wire mesh. Roof opens to make filling super duper easy. Comes with 15″ vinyl coated metal cable for hanging.

Filled with shelled peanuts or sunflower seeds, the Acorn Peanut Feeder is perfect for attracting Goldfinches, Chickadees, Woodpeckers and more. Constructed of recycled poly-lumber that will resist splits, fading and weather damage.

The Backyard Naturalist has 'The Acorn' Woodpecker Peanut Feeder made from recycled materials.

‘The Acorn’ Peanut Feeder

Dimensions: 6″L x 4″W x 7″H
Weight: 4 lbs.
Capacity: 1 quart
Food Type: Peanuts, sunflower seeds, suet nuggets
Construction: Recycled poly lumber, stainless steel
Mount: Hanging
Birds Supported: Goldfinches, Chickadees, Grosbeaks, Jays, Nuthatches, Juncos, Cardinals, Pine Siskins, Titmice and Woodpeckers