Crystal Suncatchers & Rainbow Makers

Brilliant Crystal Suncatchers reflect positive healing energy and create dancing rainbows of color when placed in a sunny window.

The Backyard Naturalist has a variety of sizes and shapes, from long dangling pendants to smaller chandelier styles. These high quality Swarovski crystals will add instant magic to your environment! One of our favorite gift ideas for all ages.

Chakra Crystal Suncatchers

Color crystals represent the seven Chakras, or major energetic centers in the body, which together define the body’s energy system from crown to base.

The Backyard Naturalist's Crystal Chakra Sun Catcher with seven colors, available in different sizes and configurations.

The Backyard Naturalist’s Crystal Chakra Suncatcher with seven colors. Available in different sizes and configurations.

A Brief Guide to the Seven Chakras

Violet Seventh Chakra
crown, top of the head

Spiritual connection and mastery, focuses energy and lessens distraction. For inspiration and wisdom.

Indigo Sixth Chakra
third eye, between the eyes

Clear sight, intuition and integrity, increases positive thinking and feelings of hope. For creativity and concentration.

Blue Fifth Chakra

Expression, communication and power to manifest, energizes, refreshes and lessens feelings of stagnation. For expressing truth, establishing loyalty and sharing knowledge.

Green Fourth Chakra

Unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness and intimacy, to lessen feelings of isolation For being centered, finding peace and balance.

Yellow Third Chakra
solar plexus

Will, self-identity and commitment, increases self-understanding and lessen confusion. For confidence, warmth and humor.

Orange Second Chakra
belly just below the navel

For sensuality, emotion and creativity, increases feelings of self-worth and esteem. For tolerance and adapting to new ideas.

Red First Chakra
base of the spine

To be grounded, increases feelings of trust and sense of belonging. For courage and the power to create.