The Backyard Naturalist has Bluebird feeders! Including this Going Green Recycled Feeder with Glass Dish and plexiglass roof.

Going Green Bluebird Feeder

Going Green Recycled Bluebird feeder is made from 90% post-consumer plastic, in the USA. It’s not just an environmentally-friendly design, it’s also versatile and eye-catching! Blue glass dish rests in the center of the platform, and can hold 0.5 cups of jelly, mealworms, oriole nectar, or seed.
The cup is supported by a metal ring attached to the platform. Clear plastic roof keeps feed protected, and an attached hanger allows the item to be easily hung.
Made from up to 90% post consumer plastic, in the USA.

Capacity: ½ cup
Dimensions: 10″ L x 9.300″ W x 13.500″ H
3 lbs.
Mount: Hanging
Construction: Recycled plastic, glass, metal
Squirrel-resistant: No