The Backyard Naturalist's store stocks fossils, including this one. Insert a name here.


Each Fossil Handpicked from Dealers We Trust

First and most importantly, we source our fossils from reputable dealers. That means if we know something is a replica or reproduction, it is clearly labeled as such in our store.

Keeping our customers in mind, we also make a priority to hand choose quality fossils. You’ll always find a selection that has a wide price range and a variety for all interests and ages. Our stock and display can vary, according to availability and demand. You never know what we’ll find for you!

Fossils You Might Find in Our Store

Ultimately, we can’t list every fossil we’ve had in the store or that may become available. Just check for yourself and stop by The Backyard Naturalist store to see our selection of fossils. Items move quickly and we refresh stock frequently, so there’s always something new on display.

Here’s a sampling of fossils we may have, have had or may possibly have again, in The Backyard Naturalist fossil selection:

  • In header photo above, Mosasaurs Teeth
  • Fossil Sea Urchins & Clams
  • Fossil Fish
  • Petrified Wood
  • Shark Teeth
  • Fossilized Chrysanthemum
  • Ammonite Pairs
  • Orthoceras Fossil
  • Goniatite Ammonite
  • Coprolite (AKA Dinosaur poop)
  • Among others. Come see for yourself.

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Finally, you need to know that your best bet is to stop by the store frequently and check stock. To get insider tips — like, when we’ve just got back with some really great stuff from our rock mineral and fossil folks – subscribe to The Backyard Naturalist’s newsletter or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

Why We Love Fossils

The Backyard Naturalist loves fossils. They can be breathtakingly beautiful and their histories are awe-inspiring to contemplate. A mysterious plant or animal, millions of years old, preserved in rock? Mind-boggling!

No two are ever alike, either. Because each specimen is unique, every individual collection is unique, too! This opens a world of opportunity for collectors at any scale.

Fossils Make Great Gifts

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind, thoughtful and inspirational gift, a fossil is a present anyone of any age will appreciate. A 100 million year old trilobite or fossilized Coprolite (dinosaur poop) could spark a child’s lifelong interest in the ancient world. For someone celebrating a milestone birthday, unwrapping a stunning, 270 million year old fossilized Chrysanthemum is guaranteed to make them feel younger by comparison!