Gilbertson Bluebird Nest Box

One of our favorite House Sparrow resistant Bluebird nest boxes. (Keeping the Bluebird’s nemesis, the non-native English House Sparrow, out of your nest box is critical. Please see our resource House Sparrows: Deadly Foreign Invaders to find out more.)

This attractive birch-look PVC nest box is also predator resistant and lightweight.

Removable body allows monitoring and maintenance. Just squeeze the top opposite pins!

Well-designed, with a premium cedar roof and recessed floor, the Gilbertson Bluebird nest box resists moisture, and meets all our specs for proper ventilation and drainage.

And best of all, it’s ready-to-mount with our special pre-cut pole. We strongly suggest the addition of our galvanized cone snake baffle—even if you don’t regularly see snakes sneaking around in your yard.