The Backyard Naturalist stocks Squirrel Feeders and Food, including novelty Adirondack chair, tractor and classic feeders. Food includes corn on the cob and nuts squirrels love.

Squirrel Feeders & Foods

Why feed squirrels?

  1. Their antics are crazy good fun to watch!!
  2. Having their own restaurant may sometimes help distract them from emptying your bird feeders. (But be sure to talk to us about strategy! You will still need to keep squirrel-proofing those songbird feeders.)
  3. Their antics are crazy good fun to watch!! And you never know… you may get FLYING squirrels, too.

Friends of squirrels can find squirrel feeders, corn and nut logs, corn cobs, sunflower seeds and much more at The Backyard Naturalist.

Header image products, left-to right: Squirrels Only Feeder, Squirrel Picnic Table Kit, Peanuts in the Shell, Corn on the Cob, Nut and Sweet Corn Squirrel Log, Tractor Novelty Feeder, Corn Cob Feeder, Adirondack Chair Feeder.

The Backyard Naturalist Adirondack Chair Squirrel Feeder