Page detail from Enchanted Forest Coloring Book for Grown Ups, with a doodle from The Backyard Naturalist.

Coloring Books for All Ages

These are not your childhood coloring books! Re-discover the art of coloring to relax and improve your health.

NEW! The Big Maryland Activity Book, The Marvelous Maryland Coloring Book and Iconic Washington DC Coloring Book.

These are beautifully illustrated books, with varying degrees of complexity to engage both beginners and experts of ALL ages. Their subject matter covers a wide range of interests, too. We’ve found some we think you’ll love (And have more on the way!) along with crayons and colored pencil sets. Including the selection of nature-themed coloring books in our Kids Section, we now have coloring books for every member of your family!

Some of our favorites are pictured above. Too many to list! We have more titles and themes in the store and even more on the way! Availability of a particular title may vary, but we stock a wide variety.

The Backyard Naturalist has devoted 27 years to helping folks find ways to relax and connect with nature in their own backyards. Along with the joys of backyard birding from a hammock, wind chimes, scented luxury soaps and aromatherapy candles—just to name a few of our faves—we are thrilled to add these wonderful coloring books and crayons to our Chill List.