The Backyard Naturalist has earth science kits that include gold mining, treasure hunting, crystal growing, weather stations, fossils, gem mining, solar-powered rovers and many more.

Earth Science Projects & Kits

Fun with Crystals, Minerals, Gems, Fossils and More

Kids love science! The Backyard Naturalist has a wide selection of earth science themed activities for children of all ages in store! Learn about our planet while having fun. Come see the store selection because we get new items more frequently than we can update here! Also, some items are subject to availability.

So many things to do… where to start? Here are some of our favorite fun and educational gifts for kids:

The Backyard Naturalist has rock, crystal, mineral and fossil specimens for every level of rock hound or rock collector.

The Backyard Naturalist has the area’s largest rock, mineral and crystal selection outside of The Smithsonian’s gift shop!

    • Spark curiosity in a potential rock hound!
      Start a collection of rock and mineral specimens with your child or grandchild.
    • Introduce rock collecting to younger kids ages 4 and up with an unusual rock specimen and read “Let’s Go Rock Collecting” together.
    • An excellent activity book for ages 10 and up, DK Pockets’ “Rocks & Minerals” has some really fun features, like a Turn-and-Learn wheel with rock facts, a check list with stickers to encourage progress through some great activities, including Grow Your Own Stalactite.
    • Crystal and Gem Mining kits
    • Grow Your Own Crystal Kits. We have several different types.
    • Crack open a Geode to look for crystals inside.
    • Crystal Prisms! Discover the kaleidoscope of colors hidden in natural sunlight.
    • And more in the store! Come see!

Science Activities, Projects & Kits

Give kids hands-on experience, working through simple and intriguing geophysical science experiments.

Explore Crystals

Crystal Mining Kits

The Backyard Naturalist has science kits for budding gemologists and rock hounds. Mine for crystals.

Perfect for children who love to explore and are interested in science, a mining kit is a great way to encourage interest and learning about crystals.

Kids excavate, study and display their own beautiful crystals while also learning about them. The 4m Crystal Mining kit for kids includes a plaster rock with eight embedded crystals, a digging tool, a brush and a pouch. For ages 8 and up.

If you’re looking for a unique project for play dates or indoor fun during bad weather, this kit is hours of fun and a good introduction to earth science.

Crystal Growing Kits

The Backyard Naturalist store has fun and educational science projects for children, like Grow Your Own Crystal Geode kits.

Our newest addition to our selection of crystal science kits is “Grow Your Own Crystal Geode“.

Here’s an exciting earth science and chemistry experiment you can do with your kids ages 10 and up!

See crystal science in action, as crystals grow right before your eyes! This kit has enough materials to make two sets of crystal geodes and contains chemicals that require active adult supervision.

Crystals are used in many things kids see every day, like cell phones, television, watches and clocks. Fascinating stuff!

Other fun and educational science projects

Build your own weather station!

The Backyard Naturalist carries a wide range of earth science activities, kits, projects and books for children of all ages, including this Weather Station Project Kit.

Track weather changes and conduct experiments on the greenhouse effect with your own Weather Station.

The multi-function Weather Station kit demonstrates how to track meteorological changes and conduct experiments on the greenhouse effect.

Completed station features a thermometer, rain gauge, wind vane and compass. Makes a great science fair project! Kit requires one recycled plastic bottle (not included).

Construct a Solar-Powered Rover

The Backyard Naturalist recommends this construction kit for ages 8 and up. Recycle a soda can and build a space rover with solar panels to turn sunlight into electricity.

Is the sun shining? Charge up your Solar-Powered Space Rover and explore!

A great activity set for every budding engineer and scientist aged 8 and up! Recycle a used soda can to create an exciting space rover with solar panels that turn sunlight into electricity!

This construction set is a super cool educational lesson about electricity — and a great learning example about recycling and alternative energy sources.

Make Your Own Fossils & Models

The Backyard Naturalist's kit has everything you need to make your own fossils or build a glow-in-the-dark model of a T-Rex skull!

  • Make your own fossils!
  • Mold and make fossil replicas of prehistoric animals
  • Build an amazing glow-in-the-dark model of a T-Rex skull
  • Cast your own plaster fossils

Make Your Own Recycled Paper

Green creativity! This hands-on kit teaches the craft of paper making and promotes environmentally friendly practice of reusing and recycling.
Kit includes 6″ X 8″ mold and deckle, supplies to make different patterned and textured bookmarks, a notebook, greeting cards and more!


Recycle! Upcycle! Make your own creative art out of old paper!