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Bird Baths! Because all birds need water, all the time.

Don’t Miss Out on Some Great Backyard Birding

All birds need water! A bird bath is an opportunity to attract even the non-seed eaters to your yard.

There are birds you’ll never tempt with the food in your feeders. But, if you’d like to also see more insect and fruit eaters in your backyard (and  support them in your micro-habitat), there are two very easy things to do:

#1 – Just add WATER!

Get a bird bath. Keep your bird bath fresh and filled year round and you’ll be rewarded with opportunities to see your backyard birds at their best. Ready to add water? We have a wide variety of bird baths (new stock, just in!) and will help you find the right one for you and your birds.
See more on adding water to your habitat here.

#2 – Stop doing yard work!

Grow their food!  Restore a patch of natural food habitat by planting native fruit-bearing plants (no maintenance!).  Encourage a healthy native insect population and protect native pollinators by never using pesticides again. See ‘Every Backyard Can Be a Haven for Wild Birds’ in our Resources. Going native is easier than you think and will reward future generations, too.

We hope all is well with you and your family. We are beyond grateful for all your support—for your birds and for us!!!  And for bearing with us while we navigate uncharted waters.

Debi & Mike Klein and Staff
The Backyard Naturalist