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Mold Alert! Time to check your feeders.

Please check your feeders today. We found mold in ours.

Due to rain followed by stifling, excruciating humidity, mold is developing quickly. We all need to check our feeders now!  Our feeders got gross pretty quickly, so there’s a good chance yours are, too! 

Moldy bird seeds, nuts and suets can be deadly! We need to take this seriously, as birds can contract diseases from inhaling mold spores.

What to do if you find mold

If you see mold, or clumping (a sign of pre-mold dampness), and/or the seed doesn’t smell fresh and nutty, dispose of the seed and clean the feeder thoroughly with hot soapy water. For more info, see ‘How to Clean Bird Feeders‘ on our website.

Rake up any shell debris on the ground below your feeders. It will likely have mold, too.

Why clean feeders matter

To learn why clean feeders and quality food are so critical for wild bird health, see our resource page: ‘Quality Seed & Clean Feeders Matter!’. If you have any questions, please call us.

Please share this info with friends and family who also love their wild birds.