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Bluebird Conservation and Resurgence in Maryland

National Bluebird Conservation and Resurgence Success Started Local.

Bluebirds gather around bird bath at Jenny Hendershot's house.

Photo by Jenny Hendershot, a member of the Maryland Bluebird Society, from her home in Washington County.

We’d like to thank writer Terri Hogan and The Gazette for putting a spotlight on Bluebirds, Bluebird conservation and the resurgence of Eastern Bluebirds in Maryland. (Note: All links to The Gazette in this article have been removed, as The Gazette has since closed down.)

The beginning of Bluebird nesting season is the perfect time to emphasize how successful and amazing the conservation effort has been to help rescue this species from a serious decline, if not extinction.

The Bluebird preservation effort started in 1978, locally, with Silver Spring biologist Lawrence Zeleny and stirred a nationwide response. It’s a truly inspirational conservation success story!!! We have recommended reading on our dedicated Bluebird page, if you’d like to know more.

Let’s keep this success story moving forward! Please support local Bluebird preservation efforts by joining the Maryland Bluebird Society. And go national, too! Support nationwide conservation by joining the North American Bluebird Society.

(Psst!!! It’s time to get your Bluebird boxes up and ready!)
Debi Klein
Owner, The Backyard Naturalist