Get Ready for Hummingbirds!!

The chorus at the shop has begun. “Are they here yet? Are they here yet?” The anticipation is building!  You know who I mean, right?

Yes, Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds are on their way! The official opening of “Hummingbird Season” is April 15th. What a wonderful antidote to the fear and loathing of tax season!

Are you ready?! What are you waiting for? Put those Hummingbird feeders up now!  Perhaps you will attract an early bird on it’s way north or your regular guys who took the early flight! Whichever, any birds that are here now will greatly benefit from our nectar feeders as they need to re-bulk up after their long flights. And even though it is warmer than usual, nectar-producing flowers are not yet in abundance.

Check out this wonderful link to watch their migration.

Here are a few important tips:

  • Think Red! Feeders and flowers with red are the strongest attractants.
  • Use easy to clean, low maintenance ant and bee proof feeders.
  • The recipe:  4 parts water to 1 part sugar. Use white table sugar only!
    Yup – good for them, bad for us!
  • Make a quart of nectar or more at a time and store in your fridge. Make it easy on yourselves!
  • Change nectar every three days – or sooner if not crystal clear.
  • Never use red dye!! It’s bad for them and nectar in nature is clear. Seriously.
  • Never use soap with hummingbird feeders or put them in your dishwasher. If you clean with hot water and change often, there is no need for scrubbing. But should you need a cleanser, use white vinegar.
  • Hummingbird wars!?!  Put out more than one feeder to avoid this and attract more birds.

We are fully stocked and loaded with everything a Hummingbird lover needs. Come in and we’ll be happy to give you our best recommendations!

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