The Backyard Naturalist is watching eagerly for Ruby-throated Hummingbirds at nectar feeders. They're on the way! Get your feeders up now.

Hummingbirds are on their way!

Hummingbird Sightings have been made in southern VA.

They’re so close now! Monitor Hummingbird Migration 2021 on Hummingbird Central’s 2021 Hummingbird Migration Map.

Are you ready? Get your feeders out now.

Greet these amazing birds after their exhausting journey, with Hummingbird feeders filled and waiting. Need help? Stop by the store for feeders and advice.

Even though many of us won’t have regular visitors until flowers bloom in May, these first migrants coming through really need to bulk up after their long migration. Not many flowers yet, so we need to help!

Don’t miss out on the fun!

Check out The Backyard Naturalist’s Checklist for Hummingbird Hosts for feeding tips and a recipe to Make Your Own Hummingbird Nectar (It’s easy!).

The Backyard Naturalist is fully stocked with all the feeders, poles, nectars and accessories you could possibly need!

Make your backyard more enticing!

Along with nectar feeders, add other incentives for Hummingbirds:
Provide nesting material, like Hummingbird Nesting Helper to help a Mama Hummingbird line her nest more easily.

Plant flowers that Hummingbirds love! We have non-GMO seeds for flowers that attract Hummingbirds, Bees, Butterflies and Songbirds.

Share your sightings!

Please report the date and location of first sightings on our Facebook page. Who will see them FIRST??!!!

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