The Backyard Naturalist has tips on choosing, placing and maintaining bird houses and nesting boxes.

Nesting Season is ON!

Do you have your bird house up?

It’s time to get your bird houses / nesting boxes ready for new families. Clear out any old nest debris and check to see if the interior could benefit from a quick scrub with some mild soap and warm water. (Rinse well!)

Not sure what kind of bird house to get?

If you’d like to host a new family of wild birds in your backyard, but want tips on choosing the best bird house, see The Backyard Naturalist’s Guide to Bird Houses. You can also stop by the store and tell us about the birds you’re seeing in your yard. We’ll help you choose the right house and give you all our best (free!) advice!

Don’t miss out on the fun!

A bird house is a great first step in making your backyard a haven for wild birds. It will also give you a front row seat to the action! This is absolutely one of the best times of the year for backyard birding. Don’t miss it!

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