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Fall Migration Continues. Focus on Wild Bird Health Essentials

Maximize every opportunity to support your backyard birds’ health.

Maximize nutrition by offering premium quality seed in a clean feeder.

For wild birds, with their fast-acting metabolism and high calorie requirements, eating anything that doesn’t contain essential protein, fat and carbohydrates is a lost opportunity for nourishment.

Clean feeders matter! Please check them and any remaining content before you refill.

If the seed smells bad, is clumping or changed in appearance in any way since you put it there, it may be spoiled and should be thrown away.  Clean feeders before you refill them with fresh seed. Here’s our resource page with everything you need to know about cleaning bird feeders.

See ‘Why Quality Bird Seed and Clean Feeders Matter‘ resource page on our website for more detailed information. If you’re not sure what kind of food to offer, tell us about the birds you’re seeing in your yard and we will help.

Water, WATER, W-A-T-E-R!!!

As always, and we can’t say it enough, fresh water for drinking and bathing is essential to every wild bird’s well-being.

Your bird bath may need extra attention right now, too! Why? Because, not all migrants are seed-eaters, but all birds need water. (So…This is why a bird bath is such a good opportunity for YOU— to attract birds you won’t see at your feeders! A bird bath is pure joy for a backyard birder, no matter how humble—as long as it is clean and filled with fresh water. See Water: One of three elements in a Habitat.)

Please share this info with friends and family who also love their wild birds.

Thank you for supporting wild birds! You inspire us daily with your enthusiasm and depth of dedication. We’re truly grateful for your continuing support of our efforts here at the store.

Happy (Almost Fall) Birding!
Debi, Mike and The Backyard Naturalist Team