A Salute to Moms of All Species


Mom. She’s loved you since you were an egg.
She hatched you and taught you how to fly.

As Mothers Day approaches and nesting season is in full swing, we couldn’t resist the metaphor. We, like you, have been watching our backyard birds making their nests and now feeding their hungry hatchlings. We are in awe witnessing Mother Nature at her finest.

We marvel at how mouthfuls of moss, grass and twigs turn into nests with such structural integrity, unique to the needs of each particular species. They make it look so easy, but the energy required to raise fully developed chicks, ready to leave the nest, in TWO WEEKS!!! is astounding. It’s a beautiful and humbling lesson about what it takes to be a Mom–of any species.

Mom, we think of you with love and gratitude,
not just on Mothers Day, but every day.

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