It’s Hummingbird Time!!!

Hummingbird season is HERE!!!

The Backyard Naturalist highly recommends Aspect's Hummzinger Highview feeder.

The Backyard Naturalist highly recommends Aspect’s Hummzinger Highview feeders.

As April 15th is predicted to be the arrival of the first males in the mid-Atlantic region, The Backyard Naturalist is ready! Are you?!

Although most of us won’t have regular visitors until the flowers bloom in May, we need to be ready for those first hungry migrants who really need to bulk up after their long migration. So, get your feeders ready NOW!

You can even follow the 2013 Migration on this wonderful site: Journey North.



Attracting & Feeding Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds

Here are some important do’s and don’ts to help get you started:

  • Think RED! Hummingbirds are attracted to the color red, both in the feeders and flowers they are attracted to.
  • Use only clear nectar! Nectar in nature is clear, and you want to mimic their natural food sources. Never use red food dye! This is not appropriate for Hummingbirds.
  • Make your own. It’s easy! See the recipe on our new Hummingbird page.
  • Clean feeders and refresh nectar every few days, or sooner if not crystal clear. In the heat of summer, this should be done every other day generally.
  • Use easy to clean, low maintenance, ant & bee proof feeders! We recommend the Aspects Hummzinger series of feeders as our favorites.
  • Do not use soaps when cleaning your hummingbird feeders or nectar bottles! Cleaning with hot water is usually enough if you are being diligent, not letting mold develop. If needed, white vinegar is a safe cleaner and mixed with salt can be good as an abrasive.
  • Hummingbird Wars?! Put out multiple feeders to reduce fighting. Hummingbirds in this area are known to be very territorial.

Are you ready? We are! The shop is fully stocked with all the feeders, poles, nectars and accessories you could possibly need! And as much advice as you want, always! Come on in today!

Share the date and location of first sightings on our Facebook page. Who’ll see them FIRST??!!!

Want to know more? We’ve added a special page to our website devoted JUST for hummingbirds. Enjoy!

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