Washington Post Visits the BYN During Squirrel Week

It’s Squirrel Week at The Washington Post and The Backyard Naturalist is thrilled to be part of it!


Columnist John Kelly stopped by The Backyard Naturalist to find out why some folks think squirrels need their own squirrel-sized Adirondack chairs…And what’s up with the war between birders and those pesky squirrels? Can there be peace in the neighborhood? If you’ve ever tried to keep a squirrel from cleaning out all the seed in your bird feeder, you’ll want to read his Tuesday, April 9th ‘Squirrel Week’ column in The Washington Post. Catch the video online!

Flip that squirrel off or buy it some furniture? You decide! Read John Kelly’s Washington April 9th column ‘Angry Birds: Defeating Squirrels Requires Planning and Patience’.

Want to comment on All Things Squirrel? Tweet #squirrelweek to join in the conversation. Or tweet to John Kelly’s Washington: @johnkelly.

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