The Backyard Naturalist - Gray Catbird brings tasty insect to her nestlings. Every backyard can be a habitat for wild birds.

Celebrate Moms of All Species

The Backyard Naturalist has many favorite gifts inspired by Mother Nature that your Mom will love.

But how about a gift that’s a year round source of joy for her that will also benefit generations of birds? Start, or add to, a habitat for wild birds in your Mom’s backyard.

It’s so simple.

No matter the scale, level of your effort or budget, it’s just three humble elements to make a habitat:

It also doesn’t matter which element goes first, but a Bird Bath WILL ATTRACT ALL BIRDS—including the non-seed eaters!  Spring migrants ( currently passing through) will be enticed to make exciting and unpredictable guest appearances!!!

A great way to kick start a habitat! Not to mention, an elegant addition to her garden, too.

We’re here to help!

The Backyard Naturalist has everything you’ll need and the best free advice available. Come see us. We’re here to help at every step.

To find out more about habitats, see our resource pages, Food + Water + Shelter = Habitat.

Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms out there!

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