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Create a Backyard Haven for Wild Birds and the People You Love

A backyard haven for wild birds begins with one of three humble elements: food, water or shelter, no matter the scale, budget or level of effort.
If your backyard habitat is already underway, then you know what we’re talking about! Pass it on! Share the joy with someone you love!

Starting a micro-habitat for someone you love is a gift that not only keeps giving, but also contributes to making a difference for the future.

  • This time of year, the best start is an ice-free bird bath that’s convenient to fill and refresh. Why is ‘ice-free’ important? See our resource ‘Why Heat Bird Baths‘.
  • In winter, all birds need water for drinking and bathing—even more than they do during summer! (We explain why here.)
  • Opportunity! An ice-free bird bath attracts birds that aren’t tempted by feeders, like the insect-eaters.
  • An active bird bath placed near a window will provide hours of joyful viewing every day.
  • A bird bath is the perfect introduction to backyard birding. A field guide and binoculars by the window are wonderful additions.

To find out more about the elements that make a habitat, see our resource pages:

food + water + Shelter = habitat

Add Some (Winter-proof) Backyard Cheer

Give someone a cheerful boost through the winter months, with a charming concrete Pet. We have Cats, Puppies, Rabbits, Turtles and more.

These statues are winterproof and made by a family-run company in the USA. See more in ‘Concrete Bird Baths, Fountains & Statuary‘.

Just ask! We’re here to help.

Stop in and we can help you choose the right bird bath for your loved one. Our goal is to help minimize effort and maximize joy within any budget. The Backyard Naturalist team is here with all the free advice you need and recommendations for the best and affordable quality products.

Thank you for supporting wild birds and continuing your support of our efforts here at the store. We wish you and your family health and happiness in the New Year.

Happy Holidays and Happy Winter Birding!
Debi and Mike Klein & The Backyard Naturalist Team