October is National 'Leave the Leaves' Month. Please don't rake or blow them all away. Mother Nature has big winter plans for them.

Three Cheers for Fall!

Hooray #1
Seed prices are falling and we’re passing along the savings to you! Fresh seed to feed those hungry migrants now!

Hooray #2
Fall Migration continues! Bird baths attract Fall migrants not tempted by feeders.

Hooray #3
It’s National Leave the Leaves Month! No need to rake or blow those leaves because Mother Nature has special plans for them. Learn more about the national initiative here.

Need more cheer?

Add instant cheer to your human habitat with: 

Our Autumn-themed and Holiday flags are in! We have them in two sizes, garden and standard. Shop early for best selection—especially for Halloween and Thanksgiving flags. 

We also have all the poles and hardware you needto get your flags flying TODAY!

As Fall Migration Continues…

Support migrants during their incredible journeys by offering water. You never know who’ll turn up at your bird bath!

The source doesn’t have to be fancy!  It just needs to be clean and filled with fresh water. This is the best opportunity to attract non-seed eaters that are not tempted by your feeders

In conclusion, as always, we can’t stress this enough: All birds need water for drinking and bathing all year round.

See our resource pages  ‘Fall Migration‘ and ‘Water: One of Three Elements That Make Your Backyard a Bird Habitat‘  for more.

Thank you for supporting wild birds and also for continuing to support our efforts here at the store. Together, we are making a difference.

Happy Autumn birding!
Debi, Mike and The Backyard Naturalist Team

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