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February is National Bird Feeding Month

If you’re thinking “But every month is Bird Feeding Month at our house and every day is Bird Feeding Day at TheBYN…”

You won’t need to put this on your calendar. (But please share with everyone else!) Why? Because you’ve already nourished your backyard birds through twelve months—four seasons filled with Life’s drama.

During the past year, the food in your feeder has helped birds:

  • Recover from flying thousands of miles to get to your house, then bulk up to fly thousands of miles back;
  • Meet the physical demands of nesting and feeding a new family;
  • Find nutrition when natural food has been scarce or covered with snow and ice;
  • Survive extreme cold, by providing calorie-dense food to help offset the extra calories they expend just to stay warm.

The Backyard Birder’s February

February’s predicted to be a lot like January, so it’s important for us to keep being conscientious with habitat fundamentals:


Maximize nutrition in your feeders.
Provide high calorie seeds and suet with essential protein, fat and carbohydrates.


Keep bird baths from freezing over.
Get heated bird baths or add de-icers.


Have clean bird houses up now.
Bird houses offer sanctuary for songbirds during winter weather.

Your 2022 Calendar & 365 Days of Joy

Your birds have probably helped you get through four seasons of Life’s drama, too! There’s also a lot of comfort in knowing they’ll continue rewarding your efforts—each day of the coming year—with their magical presence at your feeders, houses and baths.

Peeking just one or two calendar pages ahead, Spring Migration and Nesting Season will be underway before we know it. We’re so ready! We’re sure you are, too. Get ready to Think Bluebirds!

We hope you and your families are well.  Thank you for supporting wild birds. Your steadfast support of our efforts here at the store means the world to us.

Happy February Birding!
Debi & Mike Klein and The Backyard Naturalist Team