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Bread is Bad for Wild Birds

Please help us remind everyone to never feed birds bread, crackers or other human snack foods.

Bread is bad for wild birds. Really, really bad. If you know anyone who still feeds bread, crackers or other human snack food to birds, now’s the time to (urgently, but gently) explain why they should stop.

First, tell them how a Chickadee can freeze to death overnight, with a stomach filled with worse-than-useless bread. If after hearing this they still need convincing, see our new resource page for help:  Why Bread is Bad for Wild Birds

Bread is Bad, But Water is Good

Even now, with snow possible at the end of this week, you may see some intrepid early migrants making joyful use of the fresh, unfrozen water in your bird bath. Although some birds won’t be tempted by your feeders, ALL birds need water, all year round. Keep your bird bath filled, fresh and ice-free and you’ll be rewarded with opportunities for some great backyard bird watching, all winter long.

Meanwhile, we’re also anxiously keeping tabs on what the Bluebirds are doing… More on that coming soon!

Happy Birding!
Debi, Mike & The Backyard Naturalist Staff