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Seed prices are falling (and tons of leaves) while holiday spirit is rising!

The Backyard Naturalist has hand-painted glass bird ornaments for the Holidays 2023.

Following up on two news topics from our Backyard Birder’s Fall Checklist: Seed prices are falling and National Leave the Leaves Month gathers momentum. And for our third bit of news, let’s look ahead to the new season upon us—the Holidays.

Seed prices are falling!

#1 – Seed prices are falling and we’re passing along the savings to our customers! It’s a good time to check your seed stash for freshness and replace it with this year’s harvest. (Quality Seed in Clean Feeders Matters!) Come see!

Leaves are falling! Mother Nature needs them. National Leave the Leaves Month(s!) movement is gathering momentum.

And #2 – Put that rake down and pack away your leaf blower. Mother Nature needs those leaves to protect her creatures over winter! Come spring, when you see birds feeding their babies from a healthy population of native insects, you’ll be thanking yourself. And possibly be seeing more lightning bugs!

There are many reasons to stop doing so much yard work and eliminate the expensive, time-consuming, back-breaking chore of spreading store-bought mulch. Seriously, while saving your body and budget, to also be actively restoring just a little patch of natural habitat by doing nothing? Are you smacking your head yet? We’re with you!

Leave the Leaves! Mother Nature uses them to protect the native insect population  over winter. Birds feed their babies almost exclusively on insects, so a  healthy insect population is critical to generations of wild birds!
Seed prices are falling, but falling leaves (and leaving them over winter) also make a difference to your backyard birds’ well-being! Mother Nature needs them to protect her creatures over winter, including the native insect population in your backyard. Come Spring, birds feed their new babies almost exclusively on insects, so a healthy insect population is critical for generations of your backyard birds!

Holiday Spirit rises! Shop Small and Shop Local this season.

And the last bit of news, at #3 – While prices and leaves are falling, our holiday spirit is rising. The Backyard Naturalist Team has the store decked out and stocked up before Small Business Saturday, November 25th. Shop with us! We have gift ideas for every age and within every budget—all under one roof.

In summary, we’ve got you covered! We’re your local Mom n’ Pop One-Stop Shop for everyone on your holiday shopping list!

Here are just a few of our gift ideas below:

Thoughtful Host/Hostess Thank You Gift Ideas for Grateful Guests

Show your host/hostess appreciation at upcoming holiday meals, like every good guest does, with a great alternative (or as an extra-thoughtful addition) to the classic bottle of wine.

Alice’s Cottage kitchen textiles are made right here in Maryland and are a delightful paring with Michel Design Works’ delicious soaps, candles and room sprays. Tucked into one of Alice’s tote bags, done! We have Alice’s wine totes for that bottle, too! These are also a great ‘just-in-case’ gifts to have in your back pocket.

Plenty of Kids’ Gifts That Involve ZERO Screen Time

Our Kid’s Corner is freshly loaded with many fun, educational toys, projects, kits and activities, games and puzzles, books, amazing full size and finger puppets – and more!! Come check us out!!

Stand By for The Backyard Birder’s Winter Checklist

The way time is flying, it will officially be winter sometime in the next 15 minutes. Kidding aside, with freezing temperatures predicted, it’s time to get ahead of the game to winterize your bird baths and keep the water ice-free for your birds.

Protect unheated concrete and ceramic baths from the ‘freeze-thaw-repeat’ that could damage them over time, by putting in a heating element. See our resource “Why Heat Bird Baths” for more info. To protect your investment and not worry, you could also put your baths in the garage until spring and get a simple heated bath. Your birds won’t mind! If you’re not sure what to do, just ask us! We’re here to help.